Removing Lemon Oil From Hardwood

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Q: The hardwood floor in our house is old and needs to be refinished. My mother-in-law thought it would be okay to mop it with Murphy's oil soap and then add a coat of lemon oil. The lemon oil stained very unevenly, and I'm not sure how to remove it. Any suggestions on how to remove the lemon oil in the wood?

A: The nature of the floor is porous and anything applied to an older floor will soak into it. I am not aware of a product that will remove the oils without further damaging the floor.

We don't know how far the oils have soaked into the wood, but if they've gone too deep into the flooring, sanding and refinishing will not remove them.

We recommend contacting a professional hardwood floor specialist to try refinishing it by screening the floor with a machine sander, then applying a finish. However, they might not be willing to guarantee the results, because the floor might still look blotchy or spotty due to the oils used previously.

To locate a reputable hardwood specialist to come look at your floor and give suggestions, visit Home Advisor, and be matched with the ideal service professional in your area.

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